Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Cozy Feeling

I am at home for the week, between visit to family for all the holidays. I had a wonderful visit with my family over Thanksgiving and I am looking forward to my visit with Steve's parents for Christmas. Yet I am SO glad to be in my own little home for a few days. Tonight it finally dropped below fifty degrees and it was very blustery outside so the kids and I decided it was soup kinda weather. I made Chicken Tortilla Soup with Quesadillas, and for dessert I made muffins:)

So as for the title of my post:Tonight after dinner, but before the muffins were done I went to my outdoor storage area to rummage through the Christmas stuff for my kids Christmas DVDs. While out there the wind was whipping, so I hurried and grabbed the rubbermaid and headed back inside. When I stepped in my kitchen I was just hit with a sudden wave of coziness! The house smelled good like cooking and baking, the heat was humming and my kids were laughing. Really if that's all I get for Christmas I think I could be pretty satisfied with it. Of course Steve and I snuggling up together watching Home Alone would be better, but a girl will take what the Army will give her:)

Hope you Have a Cozy Christmas Season!


Rachel said...

Oh how fun. I want to come for soup and muffins! I love feeling cozy.

Hi! I'm Grace said...

Lately I have been lazy always. It must be the winter. It is my first winter here. I feel sad that I don't understand why. I think I don't like this feeling.
Have a happy new year to you and to the family. :)

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