Friday, January 23, 2009

Lack of Winter Blues

So I know that people get the winter blues, however I am sure I have the LACK of winter blues. The weather here in Texas has been an average of 70 all week. So while I have enjoyed throwing my children in the backyard as much as possible, I am crabby that I can't wear any of my winter clothes! Not only that the dumb weather wrecked havoc on my menu plans, I mean how much fun is it to eat beef stew or chicken chili with the air conditioning on. So for those of you that know and love me please pray for cold. I not talking a snow storm or anything (although I would take that!) I would just be pleased if the temp dropped in to the 30's. So if you are complaining that you wish the sun would come out, or that it is no fun to run errands in the snow, just remember the grass is always greener in Texas!


Inspired 2 Smile said...

I spent my first 30 plus years in Texas and I feel for you, Girl. Between the heat, the humidity and the cock roaches... well, there's just not much to miss. Oh, did I leave out scorpions? Gotta go shovel the drive now. Thanks for the inspiration! (I hope you know I'm just having fun with you and not truly that harsh.)

Clare said...

You can always come visit me to get your fill of winter weather! It was really nice here this week, but that is pretty unusual. I suppose it is true that we miss what we can't have most. Still, I will be glad to pray that all our yucky weather comes your way- I will be glad to trade!

Lisa said...

No one really understands your dilemma like I do. I really never have experienced too much winter. Love Ya, MOM

Rachel said...

I propose a switch. Let's trade places. You can enjoy the rock hard snow (from being rained on and refrozen), lack of places to park due to snow banks, 'black' cars from road grime, overcast-gloomy skies, $600 heating bill, alligator skin....(just to name a few)......and I will soak up the sun in TX!

I actually do feel for you because ocassionally we have winter's here with little to no snow and I really miss it.

We always want what we don't have don't we?! .....turn the AC up, close the blinds/curtains and make some chili. Love and prayers to all of you!

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