Sunday, September 20, 2009

Cookin' with Carson

Since my last post was so dismal, I thought I would post a happy little blurb. You probably all know that I have had the privilege of watching my 4 year old niece (Josie) and my 18 mo nephew (Carson) while their parents are on Vacation. Tonight while the "big" kids were happily engrossed in a movie. Carson and I decided to whip up a batch of brownies. Carson's official jobs were taste testing the chocolate chips and cleaning off the spatula (with his tongue!). He also thought that wearing the batter was as good as eating it. You can see by the following photos he was a very happy little sou chef, and I have to admit this was the most fun I have had in the kitchen in a while! Our brownies turned out well, although Carson and the kitchen were a little worse for the wear. If you want to recreate our master piece cut and paste the following link:

Happy Baking:)


Rachel said...

Man I miss that little guy. So glad you're having fun with the kiddos. They're definitely in good and very fun hands :)

Lisa said...

It looks like fun. Wish I were there to enjoy it, too. Thanks for the pics. Give everyone a kiss for me.

Lisa Dawn said...

I will take two of the things on the counter with the chocolate all over them!

Clare said...

I am glad he is mine, otherwise I would have to steal him!:) I can't say thanks enough for having them...I know they had a great time since Josie is already asking me when daddy and I are leaving on "baycation" again so she can stay with Aunt Robyn!

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