Wednesday, May 9, 2012

2 minute-10 Dollar Teacher Gifts!

So since I homeschool my kiddos, I often let teacher thank you gifts sneak up on me!! But I am truly thankful for the break that I get from the time they do spend away from me, so I want to make sure I give them a little something to let them know that:) This is my guys last week at Awanas, and each kid has 2 teachers and they have one coordinator that I adore! SO I had to come up with something to show my appreciation. I scoured pinterest and some of my favorite blogs and came up with this twist on a couple of ideas. For the 4 lady teachers I went to Old Navy and had the kids each pick 2 pairs of flops (totally guessed at the sizes!). Then we went to Target and picked out coordinating nail polish. Since Gideyon has a guy teacher that he really likes, I asked him what wanted to give Mr. Eric and he said "Candy". So we went to Wal-mart and picked up a fun reusable cup and some skittles. While I was there I saw some really cute beach towels that were only 5 bucks! So we found one to go with each pair of flops, and the cup. When I got home I bundled it all up and tied it up with a plain ole white ribbon. Here is the results:

Here is the break down: Each Ladies Gift had Flops $2 (I had a coupon!), Nail Polish $2.50, and a coordinating Beach Towel $5. So they come in just under 10 Bucks and look fun and summery!

The gift for the Mr. Eric came in just over $10 dollars but was still pretty cute! Cup was $4.50, Towel was $5, and the Skittles were almost $2. Still not to spendy, and lets face it...Someone that has to deal with Gideyon every week should get a nice gift!

Sorry I haven't posted much (i.e. AT ALL!) but life has been hectic since finding out that we are expecting our 3rd. Plus we moved in the last month! But I promise to be back soon with a cute travel tin idea, and some car organization tips.

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Clare said...

Love! You always out do me, but I'm okay with that since frequently I am on the receiving end.:) Love tha matching polish!

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