Monday, February 6, 2012

Muffin Tin Monday- Football Fun

I had NO inspiration for today's muffin tin:P Luckily for me Gilly requested Football Brownies in them, so I went that. So this poor little muffin tin is lacking the usual pizazz.

I served them a football shaped sandwich, juice box, pretzel sticks with a cheese round, cinnamon applesauce, craisins & almonds, and the requested football brownie:) Always cracks me up that the ones I consider Ho-hum are some of their favorites!


Clare said...

Still more interesting than the one I served my guys. It was my first try and I figured if I set my sights really low it would make others that came later superior by comparision!:) I need to try to get my kids to branch out in their tastes. I never thought about the mini cheeses! Are they gouda?

Rachel said...

Love the football theme - how appropriate! said 'cheeses' - that word makes me laugh. I know, I'm 12!!!

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