Thursday, May 5, 2011

May Faves

So I thought I would pick back up in blog land with one of my favorite things...a LIST! Here are a few of my favorite things as of late:

My New Reusable Cold Cup from Walmart! Love the bright orange color, love the reusable straw, and especially love the rubber "sleeve" that is attached. It also contains gel, so it can be frozen and keep your beverages cooler:) So much love for only $5!

You can't tell so much from this pic, but this is the woods behind our house and at the moment it is FILLED with fragrant Honeysuckle!! This is one of my all time favorite scents but only in nature, representations such as candles are inferior. I open my windows and breathe it it. At least once a day I go back there just to take a big whiff. It is especially fragrant in the evenings!


My current addiction! This little guys are far superior to their large counterparts:) At only 75 calories a pack, I indulge in at least a bag a day. Wished I had stocked up better at the after Easter sales...


This huge mess is one of my current faves! Stamping & Crafting! I obviously can't do either neatly so our dining room table has looked like this 4 out of 5 days this week. At dinner I just shift it to the floor;)


This is really a pleasant floral/summery scent. I found it at Wal-mart for less than $3 bucks, and they have matching candles! It really freshens up my living areas and the pretty blue color of the wax matches my decor nicely too:)

Ok, it is your turn! I have wanted to try my hand at a Linky for a while now, so this is a test run. Use the following link and post a blog telling a few of your faves!


Clare said...

I will have to give the linky a try. I already had a post started that I almost have finished so it might have to wait a little while. Super excited to see you back in blog land, though!

Rachel said...

We missed you!!! Welcome back! I love your list. I love any list. Lists are good :) The reusable cold cups are amazing. I got one from Starbucks at Christmas. It's the 16oz. but kind of wish I'd gotten the Venti size. It encourages me to drink a lot more water!

Lisa said...

Hey, did you know that honeysuckle is one of your Dad's very favorites! Also, I like the mini m&m's so much better than the big ones, too. It is very late here or I would try your link. It sounds like fun, but I am oh so tired that my writing would just be mumble jumble.
Thrilled you are back in blogland. Oh, yeah, my favorite was the "messy" dining room table. Keep up the good work!

Clare said...

Ha Ha, Hee Hee! Manaical laughter over beating the computer gremlins! I finally got my linky up! Yay me.:)

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