Monday, February 1, 2010

French Bread Frenzy

Warning this is a totally fluffy post! Read only if you have excessive time on your hands and nothing to do with it:)

Today I picked up some HUGE beautiful looking loafs of French Bread at Sam's Club. These babies were CHEAP yet so yummy looking I couldn't pass them up...

Yet it posed a dilemma. How do you go about using approximately 5 feet of French bread? Here's what I came up with:
Monday: Potato Soup with fresh hunks of French bread slathered in butter
Tuesday: French Bread Pizzas
Wednesday: Steak Sandwiches on French loaf buns
Thursday: French Toast made with real (but by now slightly stale!) French Bread

According to my calculations I should use about a foot or so of bread a day and end up with very little waste on my $2.48 investment. I was proud of myself for managing to come up with a fairly varied menu that encompassed all three meals on one day or the other!

So there it is my most pointless blog to date. Hope I didn't fry to many of your brain cells:)


Clare said...

That sounds super tasty. Love the new background-a teeny bit hard to read but totally worth it. Now I want French Bread Pizza...yum!

Rachel said...

French toast! Yum! I too love the new background. Who's it through?? You know I want to surf and see what I can find for backgrounds!

Lisa Dawn said...

Cute blog! We had french bread pizzas tonight, they were tasty! I do not share the previous sentiment with french toast. Gross! I personally do not like french toast, but to each his own. Everything else sounds delicious and good job with the thriftyness!

Robyn said...

Pretty sure ladies that I just surfed around until I found a free blog background that didn't require a master's to use! This one I think is from "chic blog backgrounds" or something to that effect. I tried looking at the HTML to see if I could figure out where it came from and that is as close as I could get. Sorry if it is hard to read I LOVED the paisleys!

Missy said...

Mmm..french toast. I made a bananas foster recipe last night that would be completely tasty on french toast.

Love the way you planned recipes around the bread; I should be so good! :)

Lisa said...

Impressive blog! Cute background! I thought the steak
sandwiches sounded great. Of course, I do love a great steak. Here are a few more french bread menus: french dip sandwiches, BBQ beef sandwiches or just plain old sub sandwiches which is what we had for lunch today. It is all tasty. Enjoy. A+ for your ingenuity and savings. Love Ya, MOM

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