Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Easy Bento: The Pumpkin Version

This is another one of the post that I am doing in a hurry, just so I can get it up in timely manner:/
I made these simple bentos for the kids co-op lunches today. No fancy cutting or decorating involved. Mostly just store bought, color coordinated elements:)

I put this lunch in the kids "Lunchblox" from Rubbermaid. So even though this looks like a lot of food (and it is more than I usually pack), it's really just aLOT of containers!

The bulk of this lunch was some fun pumpkin shaped ravioli that I found at Sams club. I cooked the pasta "al dente" the night before and included a small dipper of sauce. And while I personally thing that the kids could eat this just fine cold (HELLO!! Pizza lunchables anyone!?!) our co-op does provide a microwave. So I had the kids warm the whole thing for 30 seconds.

I packed a clementine (cause who doesn't think they look like little pumpkins?) and some baby carrots with a punkin pick in the medium size container.

In one of the small containers I put some vanilla yogurt garnished with fall sprinkles, and the other held pumpkin seeds and a pumpkin shaped york peppermint patty candy.

This is my daughters set of "blox" all stacked up and ready to be packed in her lunchbag:) I also included a juice smoothie box that is pictured in the first photo.

So there you go, another easy bento for your arsenal;) BTW, my kids ate almost all of this! There were a few carrots and pumpkin seeds left. But I think they really enjoyed the change up of the ravioli.

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Rachel said...

How did I miss this? What a fun fall'y' lunch. I've had that pasta and it's quite tasty. Hope the kids enjoyed consuming it as much as I enjoyed drooling over it :)

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