Monday, January 30, 2012

Muffin Tin Monday- Snow Much Fun!

I have had this muffin tin in my head since before Christmas! But I kept hoping that maybe we would get a few flakes to along with it. End of January and in the 70's so I decided I better go ahead and do it before Easter:P

Nothing to complicated about this one, just fun to look at!
Each of their tins had snowman head donuts (mini donuts with a sixlet nose and mini chocolate chip eyes), glass of milk, PBJ Snowman Head Sandwich (with raisin eyes and a mini carrot nose), blueberries with a snowflake pick, vanilla yogurt with snowflake sprinkles, and some extra snowman noses (carrots). Gillyan thought today's lunch was SO cute! Gideyon couldn't figure out the theme, go figure he is such a guy:/ Linking up to Muffin Tin Mom

Hoping to be back soon, to share some misc fun from last week!


  1. What a fun lunch! I love the snowpeople!

  2. Aww, this is so cute. I have done a snowman muffin tin, but have been waiting for some snow to do a snow theme for our home preschool. Not much cooperation. Last night we finally got some snow, but by Tues it is going to probably melt away again. Such a weird winter.

  3. I have to make those sandwiches-too cute! I will have to buy raisins...mmm, maybe I could just sub chocolate chips? I am sure my kids would prefer that!:)

  4. This is so cute, and it looks so yummy. Thanks for sharing your great ideas.

  5. GREAT snowmen!
    I have been wanting to do the donut idea too...but it is hard when we are having such a warm winter!!??

  6. I think this lunch is just so adorable! Great job!